Keep Their Love Near

Finding Comfort in Learning How to Deal with Grief

What Can Near Do For You?

Near provides a supportive space for you during your grief journey. Losing a loved one can be profoundly painful. With Near, you have a compassionate companion to hold space for your memories, process emotions at your own pace, and find comfort during hard times.

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Cherished Memories

Store photos, writings, audio clips from your loved one, and more to revisit your favorite moments with them.

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Processing Space

Journal thoughts and use Near's grief resources to understand and express difficult feelings.

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Keep Their Legacy

Share memories and stories to create an ongoing tribute to the legacy of your loved one.

Our Mission to Support
Your Journey

Finding comfort in learning how to deal with grief is crucial during challenging times. Our mission is to provide the support you need on your grief journey. Explore our resources, connect with others, and find solace in shared experiences.

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Carry Comfort
in Your Pocket:
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Elevate your journey towards healing by downloading the Near App today, and carry a world of comfort in your pocket. Take the first step towards healing and download our app now to experience a profound source of support whenever and wherever you need it.

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